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Improving Supply Chain & Distribution

Total Productivity Solutions (TPS) has a strong heritage in delivering innovation and engineering expertise into the supply chain and logistics sectors. Problems in the supply chain have the greatest cost impact on manufacturers and packers, more than any otheraspect. 

TPS uses extensive experience of improving supply chain logistics in difficult regions and emerging markets to provide cost effective and commercially sustainable solutions.

Our engineering solutions and consultancy uses lean manufacturing methodologies to enable highly effective and profitable solutions.

By transforming business processes and optimising the supply chain, we help to create highly effective organisations. TPS specialises in multi-faceted intervention, delivering extensive engineering expertise to develop highly effective specialist process equipment that maximises profit.

TPS tailors our technical consultancy and process improvement solutions to suit your situation.

“We believe that getting your team more involved can make the ordinary, extraordinary.”

How we have helped:

  • Design of safety apparatus –  preventing injury and site risk reduction
  • Tug train – reducing handling time and saving labour
  • Trough conveyor – improved carrying capacity & reliability
  • Process modelling – enabling projection of savings to justify investment and shipping route changes
  • Single piece flow – improved order pick accuracy
  • Integrated pick monitoring –  enabling pick route optimisation

Our approach is to

  • Understand your goals
  • Define measurable improvements
  • Develop solutions
  • Model the ideas
  • Create concepts
  • Maximise repeatability
  • Increase profit per unit
  • Roll out
  • Evaluate success

Business types we’ve helped

Total Productivity Solutions has delivered value and expertise into the Supply Chain & Distribution sector and other service industries;

Logistics/ Short order picking

Machinery for consolidation and labour saving.


Warehouse Design& Equipment Procurement.

Logistics/ Short Order Picking

Process Optimisation & Team Leader Training


Cross-docking Optimisation

Sawmill Loading Yard

Bulk picking, De-barking & Safety Apparatus

Aggregates & Quarrying

Silo Loading & Auto Filling Apparatus

Whatever your needs, we have the expertise you need to succeed.

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Client Testimonials

Total Productivity Solutions’ leadership training helped me cope with highly pressurised interventions whilst applying ISO across multiple sites spread across the Federation. Their training and coaching gave me confidence and SPRAT instruction techniques helped me to deliver instruction efficiently and to get others working together effectively.

Elena A

Avalon Logistics Russia

TPS provided a dedicated & hardcore engineering professional and an excellent project manager. TPS were stakeholder focused and their dynamic approach ensures that what problems occur the project is completed on time and on budget. Their Project Manager’s experience meant that problems were predicted and designed out, providing a “right first time” solution.

Sanjeev S

Sidel Asia, Middle East & Africa

The TPS approach was thorough and methodical. Their extensive engineering experience enables him to easily cover a wide range of technical issues seamlessly, over a large range of mechanical and electronic equipment. Their cross functionality and team player approach makes them a real asset when forming strategy as well as in a crisis.

Andrew D


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