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Lean Process Design & Optimisation

Client: Fresh Fruit Processor, UK


(Where they needed support)

  • Delicate product
  • Labour intensive process
  • White label production
  • High dexterity operation
  • Difficult to automate
  • High agency staff turnover


(What they got)

  • New process designed to optimise site layout
  • Tailored automated solutions for volume & complexity
  • 3D visual concept, for stakeholder engagement and capital justification
  • Foundation level lean training
  • Team leader capability development
  • Productivity audit and benchmarking


(How it helped them)

  • Established a centre of excellence for the site to copy
  • Copy & paste implementation, enabling rapid growth
  • 43% production volume increase
  • Reduced quality rejections
  • Reduced process wastage
  • ROI within 12 months

Client Testimonials

Total Productivity Solutions’ leadership training helped me cope with highly pressurised interventions whilst applying ISO across multiple sites spread across the Federation. Their training and coaching gave me confidence and SPRAT instruction techniques helped me to deliver instruction efficiently and to get others working together effectively.

Elena A

Avalon Logistics Russia

TPS provided a dedicated & hardcore engineering professional and an excellent project manager. TPS were stakeholder focused and their dynamic approach ensures that what problems occur the project is completed on time and on budget. Their Project Manager’s experience meant that problems were predicted and designed out, providing a “right first time” solution.

Sanjeev S

Sidel Asia, Middle East & Africa

The TPS approach was thorough and methodical. Their extensive engineering experience enables him to easily cover a wide range of technical issues seamlessly, over a large range of mechanical and electronic equipment. Their cross functionality and team player approach makes them a real asset when forming strategy as well as in a crisis.

Andrew D


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