Total Productivity Solutions Ltd (TPS) specialises in helping service and manufacturing businesses increase profitability and growth through sustainable holistic improvement.

We provide business advice and technical solutions; to identify and solve process problems and to create new market opportunities that will drive a business forward. With over 25 years in industry, delivering results for small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), we have the passion and expertise to help business owners where they need it most. Our strength is being able to transfer best practice between business sectors. Highly competitive manufacturing and service organisations need efficient processes and effective people to be profitable.

Partners like the Buying Support Agency specialise in reducing material and business services costs, others like  IPSO-Facto specialise in certification and business skills training. All of our machinery providers have been serving businesses like yours for over 25 years.

Our ideal clients:

  • Are having difficulty fulfilling customer demand.
  • Have a skills shortage and need to futureproof their business.
  • Need to fit more production into the available workspace.
  • Have ambitious short and medium term aims that require urgent solutions.
  • Want to reduce costs in a sustainable way.
  • Need to develop their people and processes to meet long-term business objectives.
  • Have systems or processes that are limiting their growth potential.

In conjunction with our long-standing partners; TPS brings a broad skill set and the ability to address any problem by offering tried and tested solutions for your strategic aims. Our aim is to supplement your team as a key problem-solver and advisor, enabling you to focus on doing what you do best.

“Total Productivity Solutions Ltd’s range of input covers the full business spectrum, from developing basic shop-floor practices to facilitating effective strategy in the Boardroom”.

For organisations to work effectively they need three key attributes;

1- The ability to develop solutions to their problems, quickly.

2- Systems and guidance that enable effective participation at every level.

3- Skills and knowledge to address out of the ordinary situations effectively.

We are based near Salisbury in Wiltshire and primarily serve manufacturing and service organisations in the South and Southwest of U.K. TPS has also helped U.K companies with their international supply chain and Group entities in regions like China, Holland, India, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, UAE and Ukraine.